Saturday 24.03.2018. – Novi Sad – SERBIA!


Online model application form can be reached via following link:

Online applications are open until Tuesday, 20th of March.

  • Saturday 24th March 2018.
    Novi Sad - SERBIA

    8:00-11:00 Registration and submission of contest models
    9:00-16:00 Model exhibition
    11:00-14:00 Jury scoring
    16:00 Awards ceremony and closing ceremony

    ***Notice - this is a preliminary time schedule and can be changed so please check this page for further information!

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Other photo galleries from last year’s competition can be seen here.


DANUBE 1255 24th MARCH 2018.

Takmičarske kategorije – Competition classes
KADETI (do 12 godina ) – CADETS ( up to 12 years)
Avioni K1 Aircrafts
Vozila K2 Vehicles
Brodovi K3 Ships
Diorame, figure i biste K4 Dioramas , Figures and Busts
Razno K5 Miscellaneous
JUNIORI (do 18 godina) – JUNIORS ( up to 18 years)
Avioni J1 Aircrafts
Vozila J2 Vehicles
Brodovi J3 Ships
Diorame, figure i biste J4 Dioramas , Figures and Busts
Razno J5 Miscellaneous
Avioni 1/144 S1 Aircraft 1/144
Avioni elisni 1/72 S2 Aircraft prop 1/72
Avioni mlazni 1/72 S3 Aircraft Jet 1/72
Avioni elisni 1/48 S4 Aircraft 1/48 Prop
Avioni mlazni 1/48 S5 Aircraft 1/48 Jet
Avioni 1/32 i veći S6 Aircraft   1/32 and larger
Helikopteri – sve razmere S7 Helicopter – All scales
Samogradnja sve S8 Scratchbuild – All
Brodovi – sve razmere S9 Ships – All scales
Podmornice – sve razmere S10 Submarines – All scales
Vojna vozila 1/72 (i manje) Točkaši S11 Military vehicles 1/72 ( and smaller) Wheeled
Vojna vozila 1/72 (i manje) Guseničari S12 Military vehicles 1/72 ( and smaller) Tracked
Vojna vozila 1/35 ( i veće) Točkaši S13 Military vehicles 1/35 ( and larger) Wheeled
Vojna vozila 1/35 ( i veće) Guseničari S14 Military vehicles 1/35 ( and larger) Tracked
Vojna vozila 1/48 Točkaši i Guseničari S15 Military vehicles 1/48 Wheeled & Tracked
Diorame sve razmere* S16 Dioramas all scales*
Vinjete sve razmere* S17 Vignettes all scales*
Civilna, sportska vozila i motocikli – sve razmere S18 Civilian, sport vehicles and motorcycles – All scales
Putnički i civilni avioni sve razmere S19 Passenger and civilian aircraft all scales
Artiljerija sve razmere S20 Artillery all scales
Figure i biste sve razmere S21 Figures and busts all scales
Svemir i Naučna fantastika S22 Space & SCI-FI
Makete životinja sve razmere S23 Animal models all scales
Ostalo S24 Other
Specijalne nagrade / Special awards DUNAV 1255 – 2018.
„Komandant Aleksandar Berić“ za najbolji saveznički brod iz perioda II Svetskog Rata „Commander Aleksandar Berić” for best ship of the Allied navies of World War II .         SK 1
Najbolja maketa VJ iz vremena NATO agresije ’99. godine / Best Yugoslav Army model from the ’99. NATO aggression       SK 2

Najbolja maketa NATO snaga iz vremena NATO agresije ’99. godine / Best NATO forces model from the ’99. Operation “Allied Force”         SK 3

Najbolja maketa iz Velikog rata 1914-1918 / Best model from the Great War 1914-1918           SK 4

*Model that includes figures (besides those of primary crew), has “equipment” around or not attached to the model, or contains the additional terrain features is either vignette (up to five figures) or diorama (more than five figures). The number of subjects (models and/or figures) determines which is it out of those two.

-up to five figures with/without one vehicle is a vignette

-two or more vehicles (or models) with/without five or more figures is a diorama

-Models must be entered in appropriate category

-All parts of diorama/vignette are judged (buildings, terrain, figures, vehicles…)

-Other models outside these two categories can be on the neutral base only or without one.

-Organizers keep the right to divide or make new categories.