Saturday 14.05.2016. – Novi Sad – SERBIA!

  • Saturday 14th May 2016.
    Novi Sad - SERBIA

    8:00-11:00 Registration and submission of contest models
    9:00-17:00 Model exhibition
    11:00-14:00 Jury scoring
    16:00 Awards ceremony
    17:00 Closing ceremony

    ***Notice - this is a preliminary time schedule and can be changed so please check this page for further information!

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Other photo galleries from last year’s competition can be seen here.

Competition classes:

DANUBE 1255 14. MAY 2016.

Takmičarske kategorije – Competition classes
KADETI (do 12 godina ) – CADETS ( up to 12 years)
Avioni K1 Aircrafts
Vozila K2 Vehicles
Brodovi K3 Ships
Diorame, figure i biste K4 Dioramas , Figures and Busts
Razno K5 Miscellaneous
JUNIORI (do 18 godina) – JUNIORS ( up to 18 years)
Avioni J1 Aircrafts
Vozila J2 Vehicles
Brodovi J3 Ships
Diorame, figure i biste J4 Dioramas , Figures and Busts
Razno J5 Miscellaneous
Avioni manji od 1/72 S1 Aircraft smaller than 1/72
Avioni elisni 1/72 S2 Aircraft prop 1/72
Avioni mlazni 1/72 S3 Aircraft Jet 1/72
Avioni 1/72 dorada S4 Aircraft 1/72 detailed
Avioni elisni 1/48 S5 Aircraft 1/48 Prop
Avioni mlazni 1/48 S6 Aircraft 1/48 Jet
Avioni 1/48 dorada S7 Aircraft 1/48 detailed
Avioni 1/32 i veći S8 Aircraft   1/32 and larger
Helikopteri – sve razmere S9 Helicopter – All scales
Avioni – Samogradnja S10 Aircraft – Scratchbuilt
Brodovi – sve razmere S11 Ships – All scales
Brodovi – Samogradnja S12 Ships – Scratchbuilt
Podmornice – sve razmere S13 Submarines – All scales
Vojna vozila 1/72 (i manje) Točkaši S14 Military vehicles 1/72 ( and smaller) Wheeled
Vojna vozila 1/72 (i manje) Guseničari S15 Military vehicles 1/72 ( and smaller) Tracked
Vojna vozila 1/35 ( i veće) Točkaši S16 Military vehicles 1/35 ( and larger) Wheeled
Vojna vozila 1/35 ( i veće) Guseničari S17 Military vehicles 1/35 ( and larger) Tracked
Vojna vozila 1/48 Točkaši i Guseničari S18 Military vehicles 1/48 Wheeled & Tracked
Diorame 1/48 i manje S19 Dioramas 1/48 and smaller
Diorame 1/48 i veće S20 Dioramas 1/48 and larger
Civilna i sportska vozila – sve razmere S21 Civilian and sport vehicles – All scales
Motocikli – sve razmere S22 Motorbikes – All scales
Figure   70 mm i manje S23 Figures 70 mm and smaller
Figure- veće od 70 mm i Biste S24 Figures   70 mm and larger & Busts
Svemir i Naučna fantastika S25 Space & SCI-FI
Sve ostalo S26 All others
Specijalne nagrade / Special awards DUNAV 1255 – 2016.
„Komandant Aleksandar Berić“ za najbolji saveznički brod iz perioda II Svetskog Rata „Commander Aleksandar Berić” for best ship of the Allied navies of World War II .
“BANZAI” za najbolju maketu sa temom Japan WWII

“BANZAI” best WWII Japan-themed model.